Product:  We at West Florida Business Systems believe we are providing the most comprehensive, complete and functional Florida Tax Collector Tax Administration and One-Stop Cashiering product in the market.  

Florida Specific:  We provide services and products to Florida Tax Collectors only.  We are not chasing clients in other states and diluting our client base.  We know what we do well and we are not willing to sacrifice our existing client’s product and service to chase alternatives outside the Florida market. 

How We Grow:  We grow our business slowly taking into account our existing client base to ensure we provide the product and service they have come to expect of us while blending a new client into our base and giving them the additional attention and support they deserve during their transition to our products and services. 

Why it Works:  While our company is small we believe it provides strength.  We are able to quickly provide support, programming and services without competing pressures getting in the way of your needs/desires because this is all we do. 

Respect:  Above all we respect our clients and their needs.  New clients become family, they are not simply a means to make more money until the next new client comes along and takes the focus off them. 

Consider West Florida Business Systems: If you are a Florida Tax Collector or an employee of a Florida Tax Collector and are investigating a change in your Tax Administration and Cashiering solution please contact us.  We believe we can provide you and your staff with the most comprehensive, complete, fully functional and cost effective end to end system in the Florida Marketplace.