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West Florida Business Systems is a small group of dedicated professionals providing products and services to Florida Tax Collectors. We all work and live in Florida. We believe this gives us a greater understanding of the Florida Marketplace and its unique challenges.

Our experiences include working both for and with Florida Tax Collectors. We understand the challenges Florida Tax Collectors face because we’ve worked with them both internally and externally to help solve those challenges daily. We understand Budget Constraints, Constituents, FRVIS, FDLIS, Trust Tax, Business Tax, Real Estate and Tangible Personal Property Taxes and all the other daily nuances Florida Tax Collectors face every day. This experience gives us the tools to speak with staff in terms they understand and the ability to respond to their inquiries with empathy and knowledge, because we’ve been there.

When you speak with our staff you are speaking with decision makers who can make your needs and desires become a reality. Your requests for additional services and support will be made to the same people that will provide those services and support. We don’t have 4 or 5 levels of bureaucracy that your requests will need to be funneled thru.  These levels of bureaucracy slow down the process, increasing expense needlessly.  We believe you deserve to know who you are working with and who is making the decisions impacting your business processes.