Martin County Tax Collector Office

Martin County’s primary seat is located in Stuart, Florida and they are our oldest customer. We have been processing tax rolls continuously for Martin County since 1988 when we first installed our tax collection software. Although technology has changed dramatically since then, the product has continually evolved and changed while still providing the same dependable performance that they expect. Enhancements have kept pace with the changes necessary to keep their office operating efficiently and effectively. 

Martin County has approximately 100,000 real estate and 10,000 tangible accounts. They sell approximately 4000 tax certificates. They administer over 50,000 special assessment accounts for trash, utilities and road projects. They collect business taxes and administer multiple types of permits related to these accounts. They also collect tourist taxes within the tax administration system. Cashiering interfaces to county managed systems include animal licensing, EMS collections and Sun Pass permits. They enjoy cashiering interfaces for FRVIS, FDLIS and over the counter credit card processing. The office switched to our integrated internet tax sale module in 2014 after having live auctions using our software previously.


Although concerned with the size of any of our vendors, West Florida has modernized their product, supported our old system, successfully converted our data and installed the new system. At the same time larger companies have faltered despite the number of employees, money and their assurances.

Leon County Tax Collector Office

The Florida State Capitol in Tallahassee is located in Leon County. The county has 110,000 real estate accounts, 11,000 tangible accounts and 7,000 tax certificates.  They were using a competitors product prior to our selection as their Tax Administration software vendor.  A contract was signed in December of 2001.  The tax system was installed in the spring of 2002. The office runs our standard tax and tourist tax modules. They previously used our Business Tax collections module until the county elected to stop collecting monies for Business Tax Receipts. They have utilized our integrated internet tax sale software since 2010. Centralized cashiering in all their offices includes FRVIS and FDLIS interfaces and one step Credit Card processing. Tourist returns are processed thru a web application using credit card or ACH transaction processing. They enjoy the general ledger interface that flows from the front end cashiering through distributions, refunds and reimbursements.

Marion County Tax Collector Office

Ocala Florida is located in Marion County. The county has 264,000 real estate accounts, 20,000 tangible accounts and 28,000 tax certificates per year. Tax deed application counts usually run from 1000 to 1700 annually. Over 200 special assessments come over from the property appraiser’s office for the annual load. They were using a competitors product prior to our selection as their Tax Administration software vendor.  A contract was signed in May of 2005. The tax system was installed in the summer and went live in October of 2005 prior to the load of the 2005 roll. Although larger than our other customers, with 8 offices and substantially more employees, the installation went smoothly and the data was successful converted. The office runs our standard tax and tourist tax modules. Business Tax was collected up until five years ago. They have utilized our integrated internet tax sale software since 2009.  Centralized cashiering in all their offices includes FRVIS and FDLIS interfaces and one step Credit Card processing. Implementation of “Echeck” processing and counter imaging has made deposits a breeze. Interfaces to Metafile document imaging add a new level of functionality. Tourist returns are processed thru a web application using credit card or ACH transaction processing.


We really appreciate the changes that you made to accommodate functional differences between our procedures and those of your other customers. I am surprised at how easily these are made and we don’t have to work around the system anymore. I really appreciate the quick access to the data that your system maintains. 

What we’re seeing as a result of this move is less expenditure of time and effort and greater productivity because of the increased functionality. And this project ran on time and on budget. 

Levy County Tax Collector Office

Levy Counties primary seat is located in Bronson Florida.  The county has 47,000 real estate parcels and 2500 tangible accounts.  Levy County went live in March 2016 after being converted from a competing vendors system.  Expected benefits of the switch to CollectorFL will be realized over the coming years including a switch to centralized cashiering and accounting for all monies collected. They have also realized the benefits of a fully integrated Tax Sale as opposed to multiple vendors being involved.  In addition, we are hosting and maintaining their internet site.